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If you are aged 12-18 and are willing to commit to attending regular sessions, working with others and giving back to your community through circus, you can become a Squad member.  Learn more about Squad membership below. There are two ways to qualify:

  • Attend regularly from the start of a spring or year-round session.  You will receive our "jump start" training at the beginning of the session.  For this option, check "jump start" when you sign up.

  • Attend workshops regularly and let the staff know you'd like to join the Squad.  They'll help you get the training you need and let you know when you're ready to be a Squad Member.

There is no charge to join the Trenton Circus Squad.

The Squad meets regularly after-school throughout the school year and in two-week sessions over the summer.

 Helping teach human pyramids

Helping teach human pyramids

Squad Members learn circus skills: riding a unicycle, walking on stilts, juggling, wire walking, acrobatics, trapeze, slapstick comedy, human pyramids, German wheel and mini-trampoline. The Squad works together to create performances.  Members learn how to encourage others, and to share their skills in workshops. 

Squad sessions are divided into time practicing skills, building acts and learning teaching techniques, and time working in our Squad in Training workshops. 

 Learning German Wheel with an instructor

Learning German Wheel with an instructor

Squad members also volunteer to teach and perform at events in the community. We host family nights, visit nursing homes and hospitals and other local community events.

Trenton Circus Squad service is eligible for community service hours at most local high schools.


2016-17 Sessions

Fall, Winter and Spring:

Tuesday - Friday evenings 4pm to 7:30pm; includes dinner

2016 Summer Projects:

9am to 3pm July 5-15 , July 18-29 and August 1-12; includes lunch and snack

Senior Squad

We welcome dedicated young adults in our youth leadership program - Senior Squad. To qualify you must be regularly attending High School as a junior or senior or have graduated High School.  We have a limited number of paid positions and opportunities for internships.  For these you must commit to attending Squad meetings at least twice per week.  Contact us to inquire about current opportunities.

All sessions take place at the Roebling Wire Works, 675 S Clinton Ave

There is no charge to join the Trenton Circus Squad.

We do not charge, so that all youth have equal access to our program, regardless of their ability to pay.

We rely on those who can pay to make donations to help cover our costs. These are tax-deductible.  Suggested donation is $600 per two-week summer session or 12-week school year session, or $900 if you pay the highest level of income tax.

 The Squad performs a final pyramid in the winter show.  Photo: Steve Sarafian

The Squad performs a final pyramid in the winter show.  Photo: Steve Sarafian