Squad members show a visiting group how to form a human pyramid. Photo: Nora Schultz

Squad members show a visiting group how to form a human pyramid. Photo: Nora Schultz

Mission & vision

Trenton Circus Squad empowers low-income and at-risk teens and younger children to make a difference, in their own lives and those of others. We use circus arts as a vehicle to bring diverse youth together to cooperate, challenge themselves and serve their community through performing and teaching.

Circus arts are a proven, effective tool for fostering self-reliance among even the most hard-to-reach teens. Teen-focused circus arts programming promotes physical health and wellness, fosters a sense of belonging, encourages citizenship and socioeconomic integration and builds resilience.

Trenton Circus Squad helps develop self-reliant, empowered, inspirational, community-minded teen and young adult leaders and role models in the City of Trenton and provides engaging, artistic, community-building activities for under-served families. We seek tangible improvements in the ability of the teens we serve to make positive choices in their own lives and to take actions that benefit others.

Our vision is that the young people who train with us will:

  • become role models for younger youth in their community

  • enrich their communities through joy-inspiring performance

  • commit to making a long term difference in their community

  • develop the relationships and skills they need to achieve their goals, for themselves, their families and their community

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