Adult Classes

Lead coach Liam Quat

Lead coach Liam Quat

Aerial coach Sky Jaffe Photo: Nora Schultz

Aerial coach Sky Jaffe Photo: Nora Schultz

We offer evening adult classes:

  • German Wheel with Liam & Sky
  • Aerial Techniques (trapeze, lyra and silks) with Sky
  • Juggling and Object Manipulation with Liam
  • Unicycle and Tight Wire with Liam

These are paid classes for students aged 18+ that generate income to help support our youth programming. 

Classes run 7:30-9:00pm on Wednesdays during the school year only. 

Check our calendar for specifics - we do close occasionally!  E-mail to register.  Students may drop-in, but classes will not run if fewer than 3 students are present.

Pricing is on a sliding fee scale:

  • German Wheel and aerials up to $25 per 90 minute class
  • Juggling and unicycle up to $20 per 90 minute class

Sliding Fee Scale:

Household income over $50k pays full price
Household income $30-$50k pays $15 for juggling, $20 for others
Household income under $30k pays $15 per class

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