Rigging Training

May 19th - 20th

Taught by Jonathan Deull

Rigging training with Jonathan Deull

Trenton Circus Squad will host a Rigging Training Weekend Workshop starting on May 19th to May 20th. This intensive workshop is specifically for aspiring riggers, circus arts educators, performers and technical stage hands. 

Workshop Overview

This two-day, hands-on workshop will blend theory and practice, providing a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practices of flying performers safely.

This workshop will not make you a qualified rigger. It will, however, help you to be safer and more responsible as a rigger, performer or teacher. You will know what you can safely (and what you should not) rig yourself, what to say to the professional riggers you may be dealing with, and how to use your eyes and ears to identify potentially unsafe situations. Finally, it will provide a number of tried and true “fail-safe” practices that can be used safely in many everyday rigging situations

The Workshop will include:

  • Safety and risk management principles and best practices applicable to aerial performance rigging in particular and entertainment rigging in general.

  • The physics of aerial performance, the forces and loads which aerial circus and dance performance puts on rigging systems and equipment, and the selection of appropriate equipment and hardware to withstand those forces and loads.

  • Some theory and a lot of practice. We will rig and fly on a number of different systems, and will have the opportunity to work with various kinds of equipment. Using computerized load cell technology, we will demonstrate and measure the actual loads that aerial performance puts on rigging systems, as well as the actual breaking strength of system components.

  • Useful skills for rigging and for life, including the basic knots everyone should know.

Training will begin at 9am and go till 5pm on both May 19th and 20th. There will be a morning break, lunch and afternoon break included in the day. Lunch is not included in the cost of the workshop. 


275$ before March 1st

325$ after March 1st

Payment should be made out to "Trenton Circus Squad" and mailed to the below Trenton Circus Squad address. 

Trenton Circus Squad

675 S. Clinton Ave

Trenton NJ 08611

*We will be determine discounted rates based on the mail's time stamp*

Training will be at the Trenton Circus Squad location


For more information or questions, please contact

Darren Rabinowitz - darren@trentoncircussquad.org