Trenton Circus Squad inspires young people to take big leaps in life. Our squad members learn how to cooperate, push themselves and serve their community – all through the astonishing practice of circus arts.

Circus Squad members learn physical techniques, life skills and build trust with teens from other neighborhoods. They lead community engagement through workshops and performances with younger children and families. It’s an often-breathtaking experience filled with exercise, learning and joyful laughter for kids of all ages.

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The Result

Circus arts are challenging. They require focus, teamwork, and a lot of discipline to make daring pursuits possible. Circus arts spur personal expression and deep connections too. That’s why they are a proven, effective way to foster self-reliance and confidence in young people.

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Who We Are

Trenton Circus Squad is formed of youth from Trenton and surrounding suburbs.

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Trenton Circus Squad is committed to making sure that all our events are accessible to all patrons, and all our rehearsals are accessible to all youth.

We offer a number of services available upon request to accommodate the needs of our patrons. Please reach out to Trenton Circus Squad at (609) 984-8599 or by email to discuss what we can do to meet your needs. Two weeks notice is necessary to accommodate some requests.

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FUrther information

For details on how our program design leads to intended outcomes, review our strategic plan and logic model.

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