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Policies for all


The members of Trenton Circus Squad have created a Code of Conduct to ensure that our organization remains  safe, inclusive, and fun . Squad members are expected to use the Code of Conduct as a guide for behavior. 


Trenton Circus Squad abides by the American Circus Educators' Safety Guidelines. Please observe safety instructions and bring any concerns to the attention of our staff.


Ideal clothing is form-fitting, stretchy clothing that covers the full legs, belly and armpits to protect the skin and avoid getting caught.
Please do not wear jewelry, pins or other accessories that can get caught in equipment. 
Hair should be tied back as necessary and kept out of the eyes.
Please ensure your body is clean.
Squad members will be given t-shirts that they should wear for all performances and workshops.
We have a bin of spare, clean clothing available for those who are not able to supply their own.


Trenton Circus Squad strives to provide an atmosphere of safety and inclusivity in which people feel able to participate, express themselves, and be heard independently of their gender, race, color, religion, physical ability, mental diagnosis, national or ethnic origin, social status, age, size, sexual orientation, or gender identification.


Trenton Circus Squad members need an emotionally and physically safe environment to work in, free from distractions. To help provide this, we have a few guidelines:

    •    Please enter through the front door when possible.
    •    During program hours - 4:00 -7:30 - Visitors should stay out of the Squad Lounge, Administrative Office and Factory, unless invited in by a member of staff.  We understand that new participants may need to see a familiar face in the Factory for the first couple of sessions, but please respect our boundaries once they are settled in.
    •    The kitchen area is for Squad use only
    •    We ask that visitors confine personal photography to performances when the Circus Squad has chosen to share their work
    •    Between 4pm and 7:15pm Squad Members are expected to stay out of the visitors’ lounge. Staff will place a barrier to prevent free flow of traffic.  Please help us by gently reminding anyone who appears to have forgotten the rules.
    •    Young visitors aged 6+ are welcome to participate during workshop times, and should remain with a supervising adult in the Visitor Lounge at other times


Trenton Circus Squad takes seriously the rights of participants to privacy. Participants are asked to sign a media release so that we may use images for promotional purposes.  During performances, guests may photograph or video their children for personal use. Please do not publish photos without the explicit permission of the Executive Director. Please do not photograph or video any participants during workshops or practice time without a) obtaining permission from the Program Director and b) obtaining the permission of the parent/guardian of each child.  Generally, we prefer to limit photography during workshops and practice sessions so that participants may focus on their learning process.


The Circus Project reserves the right to dismiss any student we feel is a threat to themselves or to the safety of others at any time.