Why Circus Works

American Youth Circus Organization, January 2016
This paper provides a synthesis of evidence of the impact of circus arts programming on youth.

Effective Circus

Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre, University of Tampere, Finland, 2013
Multi-organization study of the well-being effects from Social Circus

Arts Education and Positive Youth Development

Kenneth Elpus,University of Maryland, 2013

Arts Education and Positive Youth Development: Cognitive, Behavioral, and Social Outcomes of Adolescents who Study the Arts

Preparing Youth to Thrive

Methodology and Findings from the Social and Emotional Learning Challenge; Charles Smith, Gina McGovern, Stephen C Peck, Reed Larson, Leanne Roy

The Socioemotional Benefits of the Arts: A New Mandate for Arts Education

Steven J Holochwost and Dennie Palmer Wolf, Wolf Brown