Road Squad Requirements

Below are the requirements for entry to Road Squad for the Winter 2019 season. All skills should be demonstrated to our Lead Coach by January 7 2019 to qualify.

Ring Juggling

 30 solo catches in a three-ring cascade


Free mount consistently (4 successes in 5 tries)

Ride clockwise and counter clockwise in ring for 2 laps each way


Demonstrate tuck, straddle, pike, and hollow body positions

Forward roll

Dive roll or 20 second bridge


Fly or base a two high without assistance. Know the calls and correct form for a 2 high.

Know the calls and positions for a horse pyramid (bases ready, first foot, second foot, down)

Know the names and forms of these pyramids: cathedral, box, horse


Move quickly between acts

Keep others on track

Help with moving equipment

Speciality Skills

Perform one additional skill well e.g. Diabolo, BMX, stilts, wire, globe, aerials, partner acrobatics

Strength, Flexibility and Conditioning

Demonstrate knowledge of form and regular practice of:

  • Bridge or other backbend

  • Assisted handstand

  • Hand-hand-foot-foot cartwheel

  • Splits to left, right and center

  • 15 push ups

  • 25 sit ups

  • 45 second plank

  • 15 squats

  • 30 second hollow body position

  • Climb silk or rope, 5 climbs

  • 5x pull-up, with assistance as needed

Spotting and Coaching

Demonstrate safe instruction and spotting techniques for:

  • Mini-tramp (line-up, run, straight jump and land)

  • Upside down in sling

  • Rolling globe

  • Wire walking

Behavior and Contribution

Actively contribute in workshops

Listen and take directions

Contribute to group work

Look for ways to help others

Accept and act upon feedback

Seek to improve skills

Act respectfully to peers, staff and guests

Welcome and encourage other squad members

Academic Responsibility

Maintain passing grades in all school classes and to attend school regularly or demonstrate commitment to an alternative learning program

From January 2019, the standard for Road Squad will include mini tramp skills and strength requirements as well as some other new skills. All Squad Members will work on strength and conditioning as well as clean mini-tramp jumps during the Fall Session.  Six ring passes on a four count will also be required.  New requirements for January will be posted by the end of October.