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Featured Squad member: Charlie

Years at TCS: 3

Role: Junior Coach

Favorite circus apparatus: German Wheel

Hidden talent: Digital art

Success stories

Junior Coach Charlie

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Jr. Coch Charlie Shows 2 students the German Wheel
Jr. Coch Charlie sitting with students

A native Trentonian and member of the Trenton Circus Squad for three years, Charlie recounts only positive experiences with his TCS family. He not only describes the amount of circus skills he learned, but the long-lasting relationships he built. In a short amount of time, Charlie was promoted from member to junior coach for his exceptional participation and character.

As a junior coach for TCS, Charlie helps lead coach, Karen Ladd, with anything from circus coaching to teaching life skills to other members. Through this position, Charlie describes that he has not only strengthened his students' confidence, but also taught them how to be leaders in their own communities.

Due to his incredible work with TCS, the Mercer County Youth Services Commission awarded Charlie the Youth Volunteer Award for his outstanding community impact. To Charlie, TCS is about more than just circus, it’s about the friends you make who eventually become part of your family. 

Junior Coach Charlie performing